Inspection for Cracks, Finishing and Packaging


In order to provide the best product quality for bright steel processes such as defect detection, chamfering and packaging of processed bright steel bars are done after steel processing operations. Non-destructive testing (NDT), eddy current method are used to evaluate the surface quality of the steel being tested and monitor the quality of test results. Chamfering is a process which removes sharp edges to prevent potential harm and injury to people who are working with bright steel bars. Various packaging types used for bright steel bars allow end users to receive their orders on their site or from the plant right after the production depending on their location and logistics choices.

We use non-destructive testing (NDT) equipment with all of our advanced technology machines that can inspect for cracks on surfaces to Class 4 tolerance, EN 10277 in all of our bright steel production lines.

We produce bright steel with double ends chamfered and at special lengths depending on our customers’ demands. With our automatic machines which we installed to eliminate transportation damage to our products, our products are packaged depending on the transportation method.