Akçelik revamped all its machinery through major investments and modernization under the framework of Industry 4.0. in 2019. By investing in the integration of plants in Turkey and Germany, Akçelik has increased its production capacity to 90,000 tons.


Our company has completed its planned investments in production and integrated peeling, drawing and grinding processes in high quality bright steel production.

Our product cross section range with the introduction of our plant in Kerpen, Germany to our production plants in Turkey.

We are the leader company in Turkey with our quality, product variety and production capacity and one of the top companies in Europe with our bright steel production plants.


Hot rolled bars are peeled to achieve a high tolerance up to IT 9 removing any decarburized layer to provide end products with 100% error-free surface for challenging engineering application such as those in the automotive industry.

Cold Drawing

We are the one and only manufacturer which can draw from coil to bar up to 60.00 mm diameter in our high technology combined cold drawing lines.rties.


Centreless grinded steel bars are especially used in the bearing, automotive and hydraulic industries to achieve high precision and exact size requirements as well as offering greater efficiency than drawn bright bars and a fast reduction in stocks.

Inspection for Cracks, Finishing and Packaging

In order to provide the best product quality for bright steel processes such as defect detection, chamfering and packaging of processed bright steel bars are done after steel processing operations.

Cutting with a Circular Saw

A circular saw is a tool developed for mass production of engineering steel bars which require especially high reliability and high efficiency.